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Siracusa Says

A fun collection of things John Siracusa has said on podcasts




The purpose of this site is enjoyment of the sayings of John Siracusa, of whom we are listeners and fans. We're not here to annoy him or to benefit from his reputation in any way.

This site is unofficial, unauthorized, and unsanctioned.

Upon John Siracusa's request, we will immediately cease and desist, transfer the domain name to him, hand over all content within, provide him with all source code and assets, and apologize repeatedly in public and in private.

Why are you doing this?

Because podcasts are fun and John Siracusa is especially fun!

We have long enjoyed listening to ATP. John's contributions are always a highlight. His insights on anything technical, his Mac history, and his sense of humor have made for many memorable moments over the years.

We want to celebrate and share a small sample of some of the many moments we've enjoyed from various podcasts John is a part of.

Is that John's pixel profile image from his website?

Yes! The John Siracusa pixel art avatar image is John's! In no way are we trying to take credit for it. We're just the worst designers in the universe, and there are quite a few people we had to beat to earn that title.

How is this going to work?

We will post clips here and you may come listen to them, if you so choose. In addition, we offer an RSS feed for your convenience.

The technical "how" of this site goes like this:

  • I (Scott) listen to podcasts in Overcast and I hear things I like.
  • I export clips of those things using Overcast's Share Clip feature, saving as video with one of the templates that attaches timestamps and episode and podcast names.
  • I clean up the clips with Fission .
  • I use Forecast to export the clips to mp3 and add artwork.
  • I create a Markdown file for the episode on a local copy of my site repo.
  • I use MacWhisper to generate the transcripts. Sometimes it nails it 100%, and sometimes I have a little tweaking to do, but they're short.
  • I use Astro to build and run this website.
How can I help?

You CAN help!

  • Use Overcast to listen to podcasts with John in them.
  • Save a clip of the audio you want included on this site using Overcast's share clip feature . Make sure to save with one of the templates that includes the podcast artwork image.
  • Toot at me at @scottaw with publicly accessible links to your document with the podcast name, episode number/name, and timestamp, and your audio file.
  • I will credit you if/when I publish the clip to this site!
  • Listen to Friends with Brews podcast religiously, and tell your friends about it!
That sounds like a lot of work!

It IS a lot of work, but it's the best I can come up with! As a result, it will take some time to build up this libary.

Please be patient and if you're thinking about sending me hate mail, remember that everyone has fun or no one has fun.

Where is that one particular funny thing John said that has to be on any respectable list of Siracusa Sayings?

One of the downsides to starting this project in 2022 is that I'm about 11 years too late. John started Hypercritical podcast in 2011 and has been going strong on podcasts ever since.

My goal is to slowly add historical clips of interest as I have time. You may be wondering... (look down at the next FAQ, please!)

Are you going to publish this as a podcast in Apple Podcasts?


The goal of this is to have fun, not to profit or become famous based on John's reputation. The idea of making this into an actual podcast feels gross and wrong! All of these clips are already in very good podcasts of John's that you should be listening to!

Support John and his podcasts by looking at his About page for a list of podcasts he appears in.