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Hard Pear People

John will eat a pear when it's way too hard because it's better than not having a pear.

Podcast: Accidental Tech Podcast
Episode: 120: One Magical Wire
Time Location: 02:03:59

John: Are there hard pear people?

Marco: Yes!

John: I’ll eat a hard pear, right? I’m not against it. But you’re saying people who don’t like soft pears? It goes too soft and they’re like, “that’s it, I can’t handle it.”?

Marco: Yeah, people who just basically treat pears like apples and just bite them when they’re solid as a rock.

John: I can do that, I’m not against that, but I agree that they get… it’s like banana ripeness, have you seen the variability in the ripeness of bananas people are willing to eat? Some people will eat them super green to where you feel like they’re going to get a stomach ache, some people wait for them to go entirely brown on the outside, and some people are in-between. I think pear is, maybe the continuum is more abbreviated?

John: I will eat a pear when it’s way too hard because it’s better than not having a pear.