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A Mere 5K

The struggle is real as John attemps to fit everything he needs onto his 6K monitor.

Podcast: Accidental Tech Podcast
Episode: 531: Rock It in the Right Direction

Casey: Oh, the struggle! The struggle with your mere 5Ks, but now you’re back with all six of them.

John: But still not tiny enough. I know they did an update to Audio Hijack, probably partially in response to me complaining that you couldn’t make the window small enough, and so they made it so you can make the window smaller. And I can make it narrow enough now, but I can’t make it short enough. I gotta fit it into the little corner of my screen where it goes.

Casey: So, you know, I was gonna unload on YouTube about how ridiculous you are that you two, with your 6K monitors are somehow pressed for real estate, apparently?

John: I have a few windows open, I’m not sure if you heard.